6 Stages of Grieving -YS Choi and Asia Art Activism UK


With Alina Maria O.
The performance took place in Whitehall Studios Dublin.
Year: 2019

About the performance

Not This Future by Youngsook Choi

About this event

Not This Future is part of Youngsook Choi’s ongoing exploration of the idea, political spirituality, which experiments upon intimate aesthetics of community actions and alternative protests. This performance facilitates a pseudo shamanic ritual as a political device by holding the grief as a site of solidarity and communal care directed to the victims of hostile environments policy, brutal border control and neo-colonial global operation. Not This Future particularly commemorates and critically revisits the Essex 39 incident in which the thirty-nine Vietnamese were found dead in the back of a lorry abandoned by the illegal people smuggler in 2019. As a core part of the commemoration, this spiritual occasion accommodates generous 39 offerings from different parts of the world, gathered through the exclusive call out for those whose creative practice and research weigh on migrant justice and challenge the idea of the border.

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