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Rajinder Singh - Statement and Bio

Artist in residence UCD (Race and Decolonial Studies).
Member of the migrant artist group Art Nomads.
Studio Member, Temple Bar Galleries + Studios.
Guest choreographer University of Limerick Ireland ( Contemporary Dance).
Guest lecturer University of Maynooth, Ireland (Geography).
Guest lecturer University College Dublin (Race and Decolonial Studies)

My movement based art practice is concerned with the choreography of border movements. It is anchored in collaborative projects that pay attention to everyday movements of traumatised bodies around border areas. I am a migrant child of three catastrophic partitions. Borders, real and metaphorical, are central to my practice.

Borders are markers of inclusion and exclusion. They mark the spaces in which a body may be out of place. This is where I situate my practice. As an immigrant and a child of three generations of migrants and three catastrophic partitions I have struggled with borders and border crossings my whole life. People are controlled by marking spaces and associating restrictions with those spaces and their borders.

The decisions who is allowed to move and how to and where to – and under what circumstances, and on what grounds, while devastating, also makes for an interesting choreographic question. As a movement artist and researcher, my practice is dedicated to the vulnerability of the body and its pain hidden behind the space and shape that it is denied.

Rajinder Singh’s paintings, installations, photography, video and performance work explore ideas around the vulnerable body and its pain, interrogating the economies of power that deny it space and shape. Often focused on the power of ritual action in the construction of the social body, his practice explores the ways the human body unfolds around various topographic and symbolic borders.

Singh graduated with a PhD in Engineering (UK) in 1993 and a Master's in Fine Arts (Singapore) in 2010. He is the artist in residence at University College Dublin and part of the migrant artist group Art Nomad and is a studio member at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios in Dublin. He teaches body based movement-centred social justice courses as a guest lecturer at both Maynooth University (Geography) and UCD (Race, Migration and Decolonial Studies). In 2019, Singh is a recipient of multiple awards and bursaries from the Arts Council of Ireland. His sculptures and performance based work are part of the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Arts Council of Ireland collections. Singh is the founder of the contemporary art review magazine Drenched Reviews.


My Website:  https://www.choreographingborders.com   and  www.unprimed.com

My email: raj1712 at gmail dot com

See https://www.instagram.com/woundbloom

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A small example of my film work is on my vimeo site https://vimeo.com/user30768666
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