Choreography - Performing Borders - 2020

I was 12 when I first folded a piece of fabric over my head. It was an important coming of age thing in my household. I remember it to this day as a pleasant experience. I was helped by someone who spoke softly and who believed deeply and cared enough to turn the delicate practice of folding into a kind of meditative ritual. If you pay attention, the act of folding empties your mind and delivers it to the body. You close your eyes and you may feel yourself fold into the fabric as you shape each fold and open yourself to its reading, as you lean into the quivering tension in between and slip from inside of one fold into another. You couple your body with the emerging edges of every new fold into a sort of an extended infrastructure of the body.

I have been working long distance with a few dancers in Malaysia on a new project using the above concepts of folding, enfolding and unfolding. I have been working on the same with Alina and Dmitry for a several years now. I decided to put together a guide, a lexicon of sorts on this new dance. The pandemic forced a change. Here is the 9 page guide. Perhaps you will like to join us and try it .



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