Exercise in Solidarity at University College Dublin


After 6 months of intense work as an artist in residence at UCD for Race, Migration and Decolonial Studies, Dr Alice Feldman and I launched our six week lab on Solidarity. The course is designed for MA and Undergraduate s students at UCD to engage with their embodied understanding of solidarity.
It has been especially exciting designing a course and choreographing a set of body based exercises to wrestle with the difficult concepts of solidarity and allyship, especially for a zoom based platform in this time of restricted movement . I have found that in some ways it has been a liberating experience offering up its own rewards and challenges.


Title:Exercises in Solidarity - A Fieldwork Guide

The artwork: Instructions for body based learning.

Medium : Non-verbal, one-person instructions; 7 pp A4 instruction booklet.

Year: 2020

Taught at UCD post and undergraduates and subject of academic paper(s).


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