Choreography of Violence - 2019

A workshop developed during my residency at The FireStation studios in Dublin supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Create Ireland.

A Choreography of Violence is a choreographic project that proposes new ways of understanding state control over migrant bodies as a result of border policing. The project uses choreographed group activities as therapeutic systems to interrogate instances of interaction between the state and the migrant body in ‘border areas’. It aims to provide a space in real time for participants to air and work through issues of belonging and legitimacy in the face of the politics inherent in procedural processes and categorization systems that either constrain or facilitate movement. Performers and participants work together in a game of problem solving to understand environments and exchange experiences through a series of choreographed activities.

Year: 2019

With Alina Maria O.

© Choregraphing Border Movements. Design by Fearne.